American Beauty, 2015

American Beauty is Brittish fine artist, Dom Pattinson's vision of Andy Warhol. He incorporates socio political street art technique in this procrative collaboration portrait of Andy Warhol.

Karen Bystedt:

Karen Bystedt, founder and photographer of The Lost Warhols brings to life one of the greatest art icons of the twentieth century. Shot at ‘The Factory’ in New York City, Bystedt was a student at NYU, working on a book on the top male models of the era, when she cold called Andy Warhol. Andy himself answered the phone and agreed to a rare sitting with Bystedt in the conference room at 'The Factory'.

Bystedt went on to publish four books. Having found the negatives in 2011, long lost since the initial shoot in 1983, in Andy's spirit, Bystedt conceptualized making Andy into the art by collaborating with some of the great artists in the street and pop art genres of today including Peter Tunney, Speedy Graphito, Gregory Siff, Bradley Theodore and Chris Brown.

Permanent collections of the Lost Warhols may be found at The Andy Warhol Museum, the Armenian Museum of Modern Art, the Hearst Foundation, the Astrup Fearnley Permanent Collection and in the private collections of Prince Albert of Monaco, Tomoasso Buti, George Lopez, David Caruso and the Dean Collection (Swizz Beats) among others. With Murals located in Los Angeles. California as well as Houston, Texas.

Dom Patterson:

Dom Pattinson is an unusual urban artist as he has formal training from Winchester School of Art and did his MA at the Glasgow School of Art. After graduating Dom spent some time living in Russia and Northern Ireland where he saw the murals and graffiti as powerful forms of dissent and protest. Urban and street art became his genre for communicating his own form of gentle parody and satire.

His work is full of subversive humour, at times giving a nod to Warhol with his use of repetition, replacing icons with wild animals such as zebra and bears. He riffs on Hirst, mocking his motifs of skulls and butterflies with added comedy glasses. Text also comes into play, raw and witty straight from the can. His work is fun and provocative, at times a bit naughty and always clever. Dom alternates between strict stenciling and loose over painting giving the work an immediacy and fluidity. Dom has a massive celebrity following and there will be a BBC documentary on him and he has been commissioned by Ted Baker to decorate their flagship store in New York. Dom’s pieces are now in seriously high demand with those in the know seeing the future value in his work.

Signed and Numbered. Each artwork will be shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity from The Lost Warhols Collection.
Artist Karen Bystedt and Dom Pattinson
Creation Year 2015
Medium Mixed Media, Photography, iridescent acrylic Paint
Comments Unique

American Beauty, 2015

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